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Superintendent's Update:

The Fairfax R-III School Board met on 4/15/24 for reorganization, regular, and executive meetings.

Financial Report


23-24 March MTD

  • Expenses $217,400

  • Revenue $135,265

22-23 March MTD 

●      Expenses MAR 23: $190,155

●      Revenue MAR 23:$100,374

March YTD Budget Comparison

23-24   YTD Revenue: $2,455,743
YTD Expenses $1,701,234
  • 22-23YTD Revenue: $ 2,098,587

    • YTD Expenses: $ 1,634,385

 5.2.C. Fund Balance Report

23-24 $2,466,530

22-23: $2,155,366

3 year AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) Inspection was completed and reports can be found in both the elementary and high school offices

Lead testing results for all water outlets have been completed.

MW Data should be completing the entryway project early next week

We have started working on the summer maintenance list

EA Wolves - all spring sports are busy competing and have achieved success

Mrs. Lexi Heck and her 4th graders presented their Science projects to the board

The following bills were approved:

Vo-Tech transportation, Falls City Mercantile, Connections Counseling and Wellness, School Insight, Mound City School District, MFA Oil, MW Data

Chance Clement was elected as a new Coop board member

The senior trip itinerary and budget was approved

The extra duty list was approved

Mr. Daniel Umbarger resigned as 7-12 Science Teacher

The list of graduates was approved



The Fairfax R-III School Board met on 3/20/24 for regular and executive meetings.


Financial Report


Feb Expenditures 2024:$203,858

Feb Revenues 2024:$108,878

Feb YTD Exp 2024:$1,483,834

Feb YTD Rev  2024:$2,320,478

Feb Expenditures 2023:$192,650.49

Feb Revenues 2023:$177,786.6

Feb YTD Exp 2023:$1,513,721.60

Feb YTD Rev 2023:$2,292,005.4

Feb Fund Balance 2023:$2,245,147

Feb Fund Balance 2024:$2,514,882


Bills Paid


First Student Vo-Tech Transportation

Falls City Mercantile - Food Supply Items

On to College ACT Prep Subscription

BSN Sporting Goods - JH Basketball Uniforms

ECC - Fire Alarm Systems - 

Connections Counseling and Wellness


Gym Floor Refinishing Bid Accepted for summer of 2024 from Hillyards

Subscription to On to College ACT Prep Course approved

24-25 Calendar Adjustments Approved

    6.e v1 2024-2025 Draft2 Fairfax R-III Calendar - Sheet1 (2).pdf

MEUHP Renewal with 24-25 Rates approved

24-25 Teacher Salary Schedule Approved


All Teacher Contracts Approved

Dr. Burright Principal Contract Approved

Senior Will and Prophecies approved

Resignation - Dana Tracy


The Fairfax R-III School Board met on 2/12/24 for regular and executive meetings.




YTD  22-23 Year

  • Expenditures: $1,321,071

  • Revenues: $2,114,218

YTD 23-24 Year

  • Expenditures: $1,279,975

  • Revenues: $2,211,680

Monthly Budget Comparison

  • 22-23 MTD exp $266,232

  • 22-23 MTD rev $1,156,867

  • 23-24 MTD exp $285,340

  • 23-24 MTD rev $1,291,726

Fund Balance Report

  • 22-23 $2,260,011

  • 23-24 $2,735,531


Monica Bailey of the Atchison County Development Corporation spoke about the upcoming 1/4 cent sales tax renewal


The following Bills were approved for payment by the BOE:

First Student - Vo-Tech Transportation

Waldinger - Boiler Repairs

Meek and Sons - Elementary furnace replacement

Connections Counseling - January Services

Falls City Mercantile - Food Service items

Windstar Lines - After prom transportation

MUSIC - yearly Insurance payment


The 24-25 School year calendar was approved


Facilities Update


Bids have been received for the following projects on the Facility Plan:

- Flooring Replacement for Vocation Building, gym hallway, and teacher workroom

- Gym Floor Complete refinish

- Gym Window Tinting

We are awaiting bids on the old gym tuckpointing along with window repair in the old gym.

An update was given on the pedestrian walk bridge along with an updated inspection schedule.

The board was informed of the recent visit by Veragy to inspect foundation issues in the elementary addition and Library.




The Fairfax R-III School Board met on 1/22/24 for regular and executive meetings.




YTD  22-23 Year

  • Expenditures: $1,041,503

  • Revenues: $891,021

YTD 23-24 Year

  • Expenditures: $952,892

  • Revenues: $919,873

Monthly Budget Comparison

  • 22-23 MTD exp $218,179

  • 22-23 MTD rev $377,363

  • 23-24 MTD exp $210,905

  • 23-24 MTD rev $276,187

Fund Balance Report

  • 22-23 $1,316,381

  • 23-24 $1,676,267

Facility Update

  • Pinnacle Electric completed the gym light project in the gymnasium and replaced a light in the old gymnasium
  • Record Boards were hung in the hallway between the gyms along with the installation of new lighting
  • Waldinger repaired leaks in the art room and cafeteria.  They are currently working to replace a bad condensate pump located in the kindergarten room.  
  • The Fairfax boosters have expressed interest in tinting the gymnasium windows.  We have tint samples and bids.  Funds will come from booster donations
  • MW Data is working to complete the bell/intercom/front door project.  This will be funded by state safety grant.

Board Approved Items


  • Payments to First Student Transportation, Waldinger Co, Get the lead out, and Connections Counseling and Wellness
  • A subscription to SpedTrack was approved
  • The board approved payment of labor and material depos to MW Data for labor and material deposit and payment to Pinnacle Electric for the gym light project.
  • The board approved a calendar revision with a 12:45 early dismissal on 2/19 to make up for missed time due to inclement weather



The Fairfax R-III School Board met on 12/19/23 for regular and executive meetings.



22-23 Year

  • Expenditures: $823,323

  • Revenues: $513,658


23-24 Year

  • Expenditures: $783,729

  • Revenues: $643,686

Monthly Budget Comparison


  • 22-23 MTD exp $196,877

  • 22-23 MTD rev $71.028

  • 23-24 MTD Exp $191,366

  • 23-24 MTD Rev $88,535


Fund Balance Report 

  • 22-23  1,157,198

  • 23-24  1,571,977



  • Pinnacle Electric has begun the gym light replacement project.  They are hoping to be finished within a week

  • We are still awaiting MW Data to confirm a date when they can begin the bell/intercom/front Door project.  This project will be funded through round 2 of the Safety Grant

  • We have had several leaks to the boiler system the last month that have now been repaired.

  • Maintenance has begun to install new LED lighting that will be fully funded through Evergy rebates and also installing booster purchased record boards.  

  • Dirt work on the lot north of the school has completed and the property is ready to be turned over to the school.  We will talk about that in old business.  It was decided to keep the concrete steps due to the price of an ADA compliant ramp and we will be looking for someone that can repair the rail.  I originally had a rock purchase approval in new business, but the community Foundation asked if they could look into donating part of the rock.

  • Our water outlets throughout the school were tested for lead.  This was originally scheduled for earlier this fall, but the testing company pushed our campus back.  We will not get the results for a few weeks.  This testing is a requirement for all school districts and we will apply for reimbursement to help offset the cost.

Board Approved Items


  • Payment to First Student for Vo-Tech transportation
  • Laptop purchase for music department
  • Tuition reimbursement for faculty member - paid through Patterson grant funds
  • Approval of Audit
  • Transportation permission slip for students to drive/ride to practices at Tarkio


The Fairfax R-III School Board met on 11/14/23 for regular and executive meetings.





YTD Oct 2022 Expenses: $626,446.36

YTD October 2023 Expenses: $592,363.34 


YTD Oct 2022 Revenues: $442,629.77

YTD Oct 2023 Revenues: $540,855.05


22-23 Oct  Fund Balance: 1,387,487

23-24 Oct Fund Balance: 1,680,512.00


Visitors - 

Ms. Wyatt and Amelia Larson presented to the board a slide show of their trip to the National FFA convention for band.



  1. Scott Mahoney of Pinnacle Electric came to the school at the end of last month to work on our gym lighting so we could host our scheduled junior high and high school basketball games prior to semester break.  2 of the large, 1000w lights were repaired, along with at least 4 of the smaller lights over the bleachers.  

  1. The maintenance Staff has winterized the football field restrooms and secured the barn to store the mowers and yard equipment until next spring.  The barn was cleaned out earlier in the fall and we will look at changing the current doors located on the east side to a roll top door that opens to the north.  The east side doors are hard to open and also hard to access due to the fence.

  2. Demolition of the house on the north side of the school is scheduled to be done later this month.  Evergy has stated they will replace the power pole if the bank can be sloped down to make mowing easier.  We will look at the possibility of adding a walking ramp to the lot/parking area through a grant in the future

  3. A representative from our insurance company did a walk through of the facilities last week.  We were given a handful of suggestions that included carbon monoxide detectors in the kitchen and FACS room, along with a couple of improvements we can make to the playground play area and the fence surrounding the playground.  

  1. EA Wolves Report

    1. The football team finished their season at 6-6 with a loss in the district championship game last week

    2. The volleyball team won the district championship before falling in the sectional round to St. Joe Christian.  They finished the season 25-4.

    3. Both Cross Country teams finished 3rd in district out of 18 teams.  In XC the top 4 teams qualify for the State Championships.  The girls XC team finished in 10th place at State and the boys XC finished in 12th place.

    4. JH basketball has played a handful of games and both teams are competing in the South Holt junior high tournament this week.

    5. The Fairfax City Baseball field renovations have started.  Head baseball coach Cal Nichols met with John Brown and the contractor working on the field last week about the upgrades.  I have spoken with the Tarkio administration regarding the field and been told if our field is ready this spring they are open to arranging the schedule so we can have at least 1 home game.


Board Approved Items:

     The following Items were approved:

  • Payment to MFA Oil for fuel purchases
  • Payment to Conrad and Higgins for conducting the annual audit
  • State Cross Country Hotel Bill
  • Scholastic Bill - Book fair inventory
  • Seitz Fundraising - FFA fruit sales inventory
  • Tyler SIS - local download of past SIS data
  • December payment of Salary Grant Bonus to teachers
  • Classroom/hallway light fixture purchases - paid through rebate funds/light replaced
  • SPED Plan - Fairfax uses the DESE Model that was adopted
  • Student Transportation - Fairfax students will have the ability to drive themselves to practices in Tarkio with parent/guard approval
  • Gymnasium light replacement - gym lights will be replaced during semester break






The Fairfax R-III School Board met on 10/18/23 for regular and executive meetings.



YTD Sept 2022 Expenses: $405,527

YTD Sept 2023 Expenses: $379,846 

YTD Sept 2022 Revenues: $326,151 

YTD Sept 2023 Revenues: $430,014 

21-22 Sept Fund Balance: 1,387,487

22-23 Sept Fund Balance: 1,762,188


Grace Oswald and Payton Woodring addressed the board to discuss the venue for this Spring’s prom

Jill Kingery addressed the board regarding the athletic co-op


  • Midwest Data is currently working on an updated bid to replace the existing bell and paging systems, along with equipping the south door in the HS building with a video station and remote lock/unlock capabilities.  The Fairfax Board has approved this project with funds from the recently awarded $50,000 safety grant.  

  • Pinnacle Electric was approved to fix one of the main gym lights which is not functioning, along with replacing the current lights in the gymnasium.  This work will take place over the semester break.

  • The boiler has passed inspection, which is required every two years, and was reassembled earlier this week.  

  • Galen will be working on various painting projects across the campus during the upcoming month.

EA Wolves Report

  • The football team is sitting at 4-4 with 3 wins in a row.  Their last regular season game will be at S. Holt this Friday

  • The volleyball team is 23-3 and has the #1 seed in the district tournament.  They play in the semifinals Thursday Night

  • The Cross Country team is having a successful year and both the girls and boys team finished in 2nd place at the conference meet this week.  Fairfax runner Clayton Vernon finished 6th and was the top EA finisher.  Fairfax students Mason Kingery (17th) and Bryan Ohlensehlen (23rd) also had great days.  Kendal Straub finished 15th for the girls.

  • The EA girls golf team finished in 2nd place at the state meet this weekend after winning the district tournament for the 4th year in a row!  Fairfax golfer Amelia Larson qualified for state  individually with a 6th place finish at Districts.

  • JH basketball plays their first game tomorrow.  There are 17 JH girls on the team with 6 being Fairfax students and 22 JH boys with 12 being from Fairfax

  • EA Wolves Expenses - we have settled the 22-23 school year expenses with Tarkio and will be receiving a $19,229.75 check from the Tarkio School District

Board Approved Items

  • Payment to the following:

    • MFA oil for fuel

    • NW Mechanical and Plumbing for work on the boiler prior to inspection 

    • Falls City Mercantile for food service supplies

    • First student for Northwest Tech School student transportation

    • Connections Counseling for services provided to students

    • A.C.E.S for first semester services

    • ERATE Consulting fee

    • The Board approved the most recent co-op proposal

    • An elementary paraprofessional position was approved

    • The gym lighting repair and replacement was approved.

    • The itinerary and travel costs for FFA National Convention was approved

Discussion Item

  • The board discussed students driving themselves to practices held in Tarkio.  We will look into this item further in the future.  No action was taken.

The Fairfax R-III School Board met on6/15/23 for regular and executive meetings. Next Board Meeting: 7/20/23
All bills were approved for payment.
  • YTD Budget Comparison 
    • Our YTD revenues are 12% over the total budgeted revenues.
    • We have spent approximately 106% of our budgeted expenses. 
    • YTD Revenue: $2,650,374
    • YTD Expenses: $2,492,296
  • Fund Balance Report 
    • 21-22: $1,555,928 
    • 22-23:$ 1,624,941(+69,013)
Visitors: No community members addressed the board.
  • We are looking at a grant to move, and expand, the physical size of the preschool classroom. Possible improvements include an additional entry, pint-sized restroom and sink, flooring, and larger classroom. So far, it is dependent on a grant and without the grant there is a good chance the improvement won't happen. 
  • The 9th grade class will be conducting a sale of excess furniture and classroom items that have been in storage. Proceeds from the sale of these items will go to their fundraising account. 
  • Waiting on a bid for surface area of the new swing set. We are able to use pea gravel for impact surface which will be cheaper than other options. 
  • A water leak was repaired in the workroom wall behind the sink this week and water to the high school was off during repairs. 
  • We have found several small leaks in the gas lines leading to the boiler. Our plumber has ordered a necessary part and will be on site next week to make repairs. During summer months, our boiler is always shut down so this is a great time to make repairs. 
Food Service:
  • Food service finished over budget this year due to repairs and the purchasing of new equipment. 
New Business:
The following items were approved after review by the board:
  • The preliminary 2023-2024 budget. This budget is subject to change after facility priorities are identified and our actual local tax revenue is determined. The facility plan will be reviewed in July and tax revenue is reviewed in August. The preliminary budget can be viewed by clicking the link below. The budget satisfies board policy and CSIP requirements. 2023 Budget Report.pdf
  • Fund four transfer for $100,544.59. This amount reflects expenses related to the purchase of long term items and services that are over $1,000 each. Examples are new Promethean boards and resurfacing the playground. 
  • The district PD Plan.
  • Preschool room renovation. This was approved pending receipt of the preschool grant from the Patterson Foundation. 
  • Expenditure for state track expenses.
  • Payment to Falls City Mercantile for Food Service food supplies.
Information only:
  • The board reviewed a bid to paint the walking bridge which was in excess of $168,000. The board took no action and the agenda item was for information only. 
Facility Plan: Tabled for review in July. 
Old Business: No action was taken regarding our Covid Safety Plan. Committee members did not request changes to our existing document. 
Executive Session:
  • Personnel:
    • Dana Tracy was  hired for high school math.
    • April Clark was hired for Elementary Custodian.
    • The board discussed the following items but took no action
      • High School Science
      • Number of days in the K-12 Counselor's contract. 
  • Property: The board approved the donation of gravel to the Fairfax Improvement Foundation not to exceed $2,500. 
This was my last regular board meeting as the superintendent of the Fairfax R-III School District. It has been my incredible pleasure to serve as steward to this community, its families, its children, and financial resources. It has always been my goal to facilitate the indefinite operation of the Fairfax R-III School District through a focus on progress and preservation. There has been a period when preservation was a far more important concern than our ability to create progress through the application of our resources. However, our work in this district has been some of the best collective, cooperative and wise work that I've ever experienced. There will continue to be challenges and threats to our district simply because that is the nature of life. I am confident, as the district transitions to new leadership, that our community of decision makers will build on the good work that has been done in the last several years. 
I am thankful to the staff and the board for the personal gifts and recognition that you have given me for the service that I have provided. I will always be grateful to Fairfax for the acceptance that has been shown for my best attempt at servant leadership and for the hard work and struggles we have endured. Above everything else, please know that I care deeply about this district and my wish is that the Fairfax R-III School District keeps moving toward even greater success. 
The Fairfax R-III School Board met on 5/18/23 for regular and executive meetings. Next Board Meeting: 6/15/23
Financial Report
  • All bills were approved for payment.
  • Expenses Apr23: $206,957
  • Revenue Apr23: $114,000
  • Expenses Apr22: $161,615
  • Revenue Apr22:$78,000
  • We have spent approximately 84.48% of our budgeted expenses.
  • YTD Revenue: $ 2,506,387
  • YTD Expenses: $ 1,910,833
  • Fund Balance:  22-23: $2,062,417 (+231,463 over 21-22)
  • We have taken on our own mowing and are focused on improving the process. 
  • We have worked with Stuco to rebuild the “F”.
  • Concrete bids are scheduled.
  • Classrooms are being prepped for summer.
  • We did not receive the first round of approvals for the safety grant. We will have to address the bell and intercom system even without the grant.
Transportation: Mark Moon has agreed to be a substitute bus driver for us.
Food Service: We are under budget on our food service food supplies by $2095.
Superintendent's Spotlight: Mrs. Sam O'Riley was honored for service on the board. 
Principal's Report: Available upon request. Email
New Business:
  • The following items were tabled until the noted time:
    • Handbook Changes (June)
    • Fund Transfer (June)
    • Hudl Payment (Fall 2023)
  • Gym Upgrades: The board discussed the possibility of the following gym upgrades: Floor refinishing/painting, lighting upgrades, repainting the interior of the gym. upgrading the championship banners and moving the traditional ones to the old gym, and window tinting. The board will review the budget in June to determine whether the district can match pledges presented by Beth Graves.
  • Safe Deposit Box access was updated
  • The board agreed to purchase materials for a storage shed in the bus lot
  • Lunch prices will increase in 23-24 by $.10. The new prices will be as follows:
    • Adult lunch: $3.40
    • HS Lunch: $2.80
    • El. Lunch: $2.65
    • Breakfast (all): $1.70
  • Falls City Mercantile payment was approved for food supplies.
  • Board policy updates were approved-available upon request. 
  • Memorandum of Understanding with Rock Port Head Start was approved.
  • A position for summer help was approved. We are looking for maintenance help with mowing, floor finishing, and general repairs/painting.
  • Tech and curricular licenses/materials were approved. 
  • A quote for painting the walking bridge was shared. The quote was in excess of $118,000. 
  • The board approved a payment to Maryville Outdoor Sales and Service for mowing equipment. 
  • The board approved membership in MEUHP.
  • The board approved updated health insurance contribution rates. New rates will allow the district to contribute to employee HSA's.
  • The board approved the Concurrent Enrollment (CE) form with Tarkio Tech for the 23-24 school year. The 23-24 CE agreement includes a tuition guarantee for one student. 
  • CDW licensing was approved for Microsoft Office and Windows.
Old Business: Covid Plan
There was no discussion regarding our current Covid Plan.
New Hires: Mark Moon was hired as substitute bus driver.
Non-Exempt (hourly) renewals: All presented personnel positions were approved. 
Resignations: Scott Ray, Kristi Duering.
Extra Duty Contracts:
  • Marisa Hedlund ISRG Grant
  • Madison Hagey Assistant HS Girls Basketball
  • Alicia White Dance Sponsor
  • Jennifer Blakeman Assistant HS Girls VB
  • Ashley Grossman Jr. Stand
  • Deb Wyatt 8th Grade Sponsor
Principal Candidate Updates: An update regarding principal candidates was shared with the board. The board took no action due to a lack of candidates who meet qualifications. 
Thank you all for another amazing year!
The Fairfax R-III School Board met on 4/17/23 for reorganization, regular, and executive meetings. 
Next Board Meeting: 5/18/23
All bills were approved for purchase. 
The board read the following election results. Bolded names are the elected representatives for three year terms:
  • Brett Michael Johsnon-117 (incumbent)
  • Miles Gregg Smith-159 (incumbent)
  • Smantha O'Riley-73 (outgoing)
  • Treyvor Umbarger-137 (newly elected)
Mr. Jon Graves was elected as Board President.
Mr. Miles Smith was elected as Vice President.
Mrs. Karen Burke was elected as secretary/treasurer.
The board approved the Fairfax R-III Conflict of Interest Ordinance. This document is approved and then filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission in order to reduce the paperwork requirement for board members regarding financial reporting to the state. 
Regular Session: 
Visitors: Mrs. Beth Graves spoke to the board regarding possible improvements to the main gym. Mrs. Ginny Smith was moved to executive session. 
Financial Report:
  • Current fund balance: $2,155,366 up $241,597 over last year.
  • EOY Projection:
    • Budgeted expenditures vs. budgeted revenues: +$115,101.91 estimated surplus.
    • Current Revenue vs. est. EOY expenditures: +$195,540.16 estimated surplus.
    • It is important to note that our budget includes only 95% of the total, potential local tax revenue. It is likely that our final EOY balance will be less. However, we have averaged +$149,093 at the end of the year over the last three years. 19-20 +199,384; 20-21 +230,599;and 21-22 +17,296 (with lease purchase payoff and ESSER funds). We currently have 95% reserve and this will decrease moving into the end of the fiscal year as tax revenue decreases or is non-existent. The EOY revenue vs. expenditures at the end of June will be the final number to indicate our contribution to reserves in the 22-23 year. This amount is reported in our Annual Secretary of the Board Report.
We have had one applicant for the principal position. We still have HS Science and an elementary position open. The board accepted the resignation of Mrs. Loryanne Daugherty.
  • We will be preparing to install our new swingset this spring and I have been in contact with Todd Fogg to ensure this build is on his to do list.
  • We still have a water leak in the girls locker room. At this time it is suspected we will need to excavate, examine, and seal the foundation.
  • We are transitioning to doing our own lawn care. Mr. Vernon started mowing yesterday by mowing the football field.
  • We are collecting jobs around the building that will be placed on our summer work list. These items will be reviewed by the superintendent and maintenance and a summer work list will be created.
  • At this time we have no plan to chemically treat the football field grass. In the past several years we have been the beneficiary of donations that paid for football field chemicals and labor. This year we are not scheduled to receive these donations.
  • We still need concrete work done around the school. I have delayed this process in lieu of installing swings, purchasing equipment for lawn care, and finally fixing the leak in the girls locker room. 
  • Boiler repairs have been consistent. So why not replace the system and start from scratch with a modern HVAC system?  Potentially, the district might consider replacing the heating system BUT…contractors that have looked at our costs for heating and cooling have not been able to bid work that reduces our overall, annual cost. It would be over a million dollars to replace our current system with HVAC. The district could incur that cost, but the cost of electrical service will increase even if gas costs decrease. Also, we should remember that the district paid over $50K per year for a $500K lease purchase. I estimate that with repairs and gas costs, the current costs of running our systems Is more than this, but less than the cost of a lease purchase for an amount that would cover installation of a new system. If the district was committed to replacing the old system a bond could be run for additional tax dollars to pay for the installation. This could cover the cost of the entire facility, including the two gyms. However, even new systems still need repairs. It's food for thought but for now it's cheaper to maintain our current methods for heating and cooling our facility.
  • All three buses have needed repairs after inspections. Currently 17 is repaired, 19 is in the shop, and 6 is waiting for repairs.
  • We are utilizing a substitute route driver until further notice. 
Strategic Planning:
The NWRPDC and DESE have finished scoring all of the CSIP’s submitted in the first group of tiered monitoring. While all schools received all 30 points for the first year of CSIP assessment, our district will also receive all 30 points for the 23-34 school year. Additionally, we scored an extra eight points for our Response to Sandards which pushed us over into “exemplary” status. Our DESE area supervisor shared that we had no recommendations for revision and that we were recognized for the diversity of community input, the clear connection in our plan to collected data, and the clear connection to measurements associated with each action step. This work, along with the overall 92.3% score on our APR is a credit to the students, community, and staff who contributed to this process. It is something worthy of celebration.
Mental health grant:
We have received notification that we have received approval for our mental health grant. This grant will pay for mental health services over the summer, increased services in the 23-24 school year, summer transportation to our facility during the 2023 summer, and coordination of services provided by our counselor outside of her regular contracted days/hours.
New Business: Approved
  • Payment to Falls City Mercantile for food service supplies.
  • Purchase of a walk-behind mower.
  • Participation in the $38,000 Teacher Baseline Salary Grant.for the 23-24 school year.
  • Solicitation of milk bids.
  • The upgrade of our bell, intercom, and entry systems pending the approval of a school safety grant. 
  • Payment to NW Mechanical and Plumbing for boiler and plumbing repairs.
  • The participation of 6th grade students in middle school athletics. 
  • The modification of Policy 2874 to allow Narcan to be stored in an unlocked, accessible area within the school building.
  • Payment to MARE for superintendent search services.
  • Payment to Mound City for SLP services.
  • The purchase of Newline Panels to place smart panels in 14 classrooms. 
New Business: Discussion
The board was shown survey data related to staff morale. The board will schedule a work session to address growth areas identified in the survey feedback and in data collected from staff interviews. 
Executive Session:
  • The board approved the slate of pending graduates.
  • The board approved the hiring of Amy Fast and Alyssa Brink for elementary teaching positions.
  • The board approved the slate of extra duty assignments. 
  • Ginny Smith addressed the board
On March 16, 2023 the board met in regular and executive sessions to conduct business. 
The next regular board meeting will be April 17, 2023. This date was chosen in order to place the meeting date in compliance with requirements governing the ratification of the April 4 election results. 
Just a note: 
Something to keep in mind is that in the last six years, our assembled board has consistently rendered decisions which have advocated for our facilities, our families, our students, and our staff. Their collected governance has allowed us to do the following:
  •  Increase our base salary rate for teachers from $29,250 to $35,700 ($38,000 actually)
  • Increased pay rates for hourly staff
  • Approved a calendar that grants vacation days aligned with teacher input
  • Approved modifications to leave that allowed for more freedom to take care of personal and family needs
  • Approve the hiring recommendations of administration
  • Enable over $1.5 million in repairs and upgrades to our buildings
  • Avoid a four day school week-based on teacher input
  • Refrain from excessive and extended closures during Covid
  • Continued participation in our sports COOP
  • Continued contributions to our reserves
While not all of the discussion during a board meeting indicates everyone always agrees, the end results of the collected decision making of the board has remained consistently pro-district and pro-teacher. Last night, the collected board continued to display this behavior. 
Your board has the responsibility of making essential and difficult decisions for the district. I have had many conversations with board members over the years regarding the emotional impact of choices the board has had to make on individual board members. They do not take their responsibilities lightly and I continue to believe they consistently make collective decisions they feel are best for the district and, specifically or by default, its people. 
  • All bills were approved for payment.
  • The current budget shows that our fund balance is $2,245,147. This is $224,010 above our fund balance this time last year. 
  • The board requested that Dr. Burright present budget forecasts as the district draws closer to the end of the fiscal year. These would be presented in the financial report and presented during regular session meetings in April and May.
Superintendent's Report
  • Facility:
    • In a grant, Governor Parsons has set aside $20 million dollars for school safety infrastructure. We will be exploring this grant, its possible uses, and submitting an application to participate prior to the submission deadline. This money could be used to help upgrade our bell and intercom system as well as add an entry system to our high school entry.
    • Mr. Vernon has been steadily working through the facility to-do list since he has come on staff. He is currently working in the Ag. Shop, upgrading the bathroom and sink areas. Additionally, he has recently painted the fire extinguisher covers in the elementary making them easier to find. 
    • Stucco has asked to update the Fairfax F on our south lawn. 
    • Hillyards has been scheduled to do a site review which will allow us to continue the refining of our process for keep the facility clean. The Hillyards review will measure square footage, count the number of items that need cleaned, and make recommendations for FTE's. This information will be added to our facility plan.
  • Food service/PEBT: 
    • The district completed our PEBT benefits submission on Monday 3/13/23. This submission allows families on free and reduced lunch status to receive additional benefits from federal money for time students were absent from school during covid. It also allows for additional benefits for the summer of 21-22.
  • Personnel:
    • Dr. Burright and Mr. Kemerling will begin work to identify ways to improve climate and staff morale. Dr. Burright asked the board for feedback on what topics they would like to see in the collected data and the board has agreed to submit ideas to Dr. Burright by 3/22/23.
    • We will be finishing our work in soliciting bids from health insurance companies in the next week. After bids are compiled and a comparison system is determined, Dr. Burright will meet with staff to solicit their input on which plan they would like to use. After this meeting, the board will need to meet again to give final approval of the selected plan. Dr. Burright explained the benefits and impact of a more-affordable health care plan for the staff and to the district budget. While a cheaper premium rate will most likely cause more employees to join our district healthcare, this will drive up the overall cost for the district. However, more affordable care is goal connected to the retention of staff and it is a good problem to have. 
  • Board Self-Evaluation
    • In compliance with MSIP6, the board took its first steps in the development and implementation of a self-evaluation tool. Dr. Burright presented two separate examples of documents from MARE and MSBA. The board was asked to review these documents independently and provide Dr. Burright feedback by 3/22/23. Dr. Burright stated that areas where the board falls short in its self-evaluation can be used to become focus areas for professional development. Mr. Graves asked that the two tools be somehow combined and built so that the board could measure its growth over time. 
Superintendent's Spotlight
  • Ashley Grossman presented information on the activities related to FCCLA. Mrs. Grossman has had a positive impact on the students in her club, classes, and on the school in general. If you see her please thank her. 
Principal's Report
  • Mr. Barnes presented his regular principal's report which is attached. 
Special Report: APR Results
  • Mr. Barnes presented the annual APR report, discussed how the scoring works and how the district scored. In this first year of the scoring cycle for MSIP6 Fairfax R-III scored a 92.3%. This score placed us near the top of the "Accredited" scoring range. There were no districts that scored "Accredited with Distinction" this year and all districts gained full points for CSIP submissions. Mr. Barnes instructional leadership has been essential in the district's ability to continue to maintain high levels of accreditation. Please thank him for his work. The MSIP6 (APR) report to the board is also attached. Attached you will also find the APR district report from the DESE website which is available to the community. 
New Business: The following items were approved...
  • Payment of $4842.80 to Al’s Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration, Inc. for a new milk cooler.
  • Payment of $4070.22 to Falls City Mercantile for food supplies.
  • 2023-2024 calendar with updated teacher work days. See attached.
  • The purchase of a John Deere zero turn mower for $6800 from Hiawatha Implement Co. in Mound City.  
  • The 2023-2024 Teacher Salary Schedule as presented. This schedule includes a 30 year column for bachelor's degrees, 2% raise to the base, and similar steps from the 22-23 salary schedule. The board discussed the possible impact of insurance costs, legislation pertaining to teacher minimum salary, the possible return of the baseline salary grant, and career ladder.
  • Hillyards was approved to do our gym floor refinishing in the summer of 2023.
  • Payment to first student for votec transportation. The board agreed to move this item to the consent agenda in future months.
Old Business:
  • Covid Plan: No feedback from the board
  • AMI Days: The board approved the use of AMI days for 2023-2024 school year as determined by administrative discretion. Survey information results were shared regarding family and staff opinions on AMI, access to internet in family homes, and family home bandwidth capacity. While a small margin of family responses (5 respondents) stated that they did not prefer AMI days, a large majority of staff indicated that they did want to implement AMI days (23 of 26 respondents). Dr. Burright explained that AMI days were important, not because we expect them to be on par with regular classroom learning, but because frequency of exposure to academic tasks is important in continuing the consistent learning of students.
  • Hiring Processes: After a question from the board regarding the documentation kept during hiring, administration sought training and consulted with legal counsel. The district will always seek to implement appropriate professional and legal practice. No information regarding documentation of interviews was gained through the training, but legal counsel was able to offer the following recommendations:
    • Board policy and regulations are currently sufficient to cover hiring practices.
    • Keep all documentation relating to the interviewing of candidates for at least one year. Keep it longer for a hiring event that is contested.
The board conducted business in executive session.
  • The board made no motion for the potential property purchase.
  • Senior Wills and Prophecies were approved.
  • The board accepted the resignation of Betsy Larson.
  • The board approved all certified/teaching staff for rehire. There was one abstention due to relatedness.
  • The board discussed and rendered a decision on administrative pay rates.
Principal's Report Mar 23.pdf
APR district report card.pdf
On 2/20/23 the board met in regular and executive sessions to conduct business. 
Next Regular Board Meeting 3/16/23 @ 6:30 
Audience participation: Mrs. Lexi Heck addressed the board in favor of the use of AMI days. 
  • Current Year-to-Date (YTD) revenue: $2,114,218
  • Current YTD Expenses: $1,321,071
  • Fund Balance: $2,260,011
  • We have received new gym floor covers and will need to lay them out to "relax" the creases before they are formally used.
  • It will be time to mow soon and we will be looking to purchase equipment.
  • Bus 19 is still in the shop waiting on a part. going on 64 days. 
Federal Programs:
  • There will be a Title night on 3/7/23 with activities and food TBA. 
New Business: Items and action in New business are listed.
  • Senior Trip Itinerary: Approved
  • AMI day usage: Gather data from stakeholders regarding the use of AMI days for our March regular meeting.
  • Literacy Plan: Approved
  • Concurrent Enrollment with TKO Tech: Approved
  • Open Enrollment Resolution: No action.
  • Payment to First Student: Approved
  • Payment to NW Mechanical: Approved
  • Superintendent Search Update: We currently have three applicants for the superintendent position. 
  • Community Use Fee Waiver for the Optimist Basketball Tournament: Approved
  • Hiring Practices Discussion: Mr. Barnes presented interview scoring guides and Dr. Burright will be following up with the board in March regarding board policy requirements.
  • Payment to Falls City Mercantile: Approved
  • 2023-2024 School Calendar: Approved
  • Senior Wills: moved to March regular meeting. 
Old Business:
  • Covid Safety Plan: No action
Executive Session: 
  • Substitute List Update: Approved
  • Principal Contract was renewed and given a one-year extension.
  • Superintendent Candidate Discussion: Specific information about superintendent applicants was shared with the board by Mr. Graves. 
  • Property Acquisition: Dr. Burright was given the directive to gather information on the cost of removing structures from 410 N 3rd prior to the district issuing a closed bid on the property. 
Next regular board meeting: 2/16/23 @ 6:30 pm
Special Work Session: Superintendent Search 1/26/23 @ 7:30 pm
  • All bills were approved for payment. Additionally, payments to Al's Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration; Mason Straub; First Student; Cornerstone Roofing; Tarkio Avalanche; Wave Technologies (SpedTrack); and Falls City Mercantile were approved. 
  • Fund Balance: $1,316,381
  • Facilities: When conditions are right water enters the entire east side of the girls locker rooms. Water is routed away from the building and flows into the collection drain and a minimum of water is escaping from the updated gutters and downspouts. 
  • An Ice maker was purchased for staff today for under $1000. The remainder of the grant money will be used for installation and redoing the sink area in the teacher’s work room.
Title Programs:
Mr. Barnes is working with Mrs. Lucas on implementing reading plans in compliance with SB681.  
Food Service:
Continues to have items break down. Most recently the thermostat in the main refrigerator had gone bad causing everything to freeze even when it is set on the lowest setting. One of the milk coolers was damaged beyond repair when we tried to stabilize a door whose hinge had broken. When setting screws in the side wall, one punctured one of the coolant lines, releasing all the freon. Unfortunately, the puncture is in the side wall where it can’t be fixed. A new cooler can be purchased for around $1800 but we will look for lasting value as well as affordability.
Bus 19 is still in the shop waiting for a part.
New Business: 
  • Superintendent Search: The board elected to work with Missouri Association of Rural Educators (MARE)  to assist with the superintendent search. 
  • Inclement Weather: The board passed a motion to utilize excess hours in our school calendar, makeup days of 2/20 and 4/17 prior to utilizing AMI days for inclement weather. This means everyone will get at least two actual snow days, without AMI, before we implement AMI. Technically, we will implement AMI after we have used about another 20 hours of inclement weather days. To put it as simply as possible, dealing only with full snow days, the first one will not have to be made up. The second will be made up on 2/20 (if we can), and the third will be made up 4/17. Of course early dismissal or late starts due to inclement weather will use up hours and might change this slightly. We will keep you informed moving forward. The easiest thing to do will be to follow up with whatever instructions come from administration during an inclement weather day.
The board hired Galen Vernon for full-time maintenance. 
Board Meeting Summary 12/15/22
Next Regular Session Board Meeting: 1/19/23 in School Library. 
All bills were approved for payment. Additionally, the board approved specific payments to the following:
  • Mound City School District for Speech Services.
  • Falls City Mercantile for food supplies in our school breakfast and lunch program. 
  • Farmtown Printing for CTA T-shirts.
  • Seitz Fundraising for FFA fundraiser items.
Our current fund balance is $1,157,198, 
  • We are gathering bids for a new/upgrade to our current bell system. 
  • The retractable flag is being rotated over Christmas Break.
  • We've had a plumber on site multiple times to fix leaks in the boiler system. 
New Business:
  • The district CSIP was approved and will be uploaded before 12/31/22.
  • Schoolinsight (Teacherease) was approved as our new student information system (SIS).
  • In compliance with board policy a budget forecast for 2023-2024 was shared with the board. The forecast included a potential salary schedule, matches for CSIP budgetary requirements, increases in funds to the band program, and a projected contribution to district reserves. It is too early to determine how the budget for next year will be structured but it doesn't hurt to start the budgeting process early. 
Old Business:
  • Members of the Covid Safety Plan committee were contacted for feedback regarding our current safety practices. This process is required in order to stay in compliance with ESSER requirements. No changes were suggested. 
Executive Session:
  • As you all know, Mrs. Twilla Clark is retiring and her retirement was accepted by the Board. Good luck to her in her retirement. 
Merry Christmas!
Board Meeting Summary 11/17/22
Next Board Meeting: 12/15/22 at 6:30 p.m.
All bills were approved for payment. 
Our draft CSIP was reviewed with the board during the work session. A copy can be found on the district website. 
YTD Expenses: $626,446
YTD Revenues: $442,629
22-23 Reserve: $1,283,047
21-22 Reserve: $1,232,007
Salary Grant Bonus Check: This payment for teachers and non-administration certified staff, was approved for payment with the December paycheck. 
Policy Changes: P3170 Purchases and Solicitation of Staff
  • This policy was changed to allow staff to aid in the solicitation of families for approved fund-raisers and school related activities. Please be sure that any fliers sent home that involve sales or fundraisers have been approved by Mr. Barnes or Dr. Burright. Administration will be tracking which items have been approved. 
Approved Payments:
  • Lou's Sporting Goods $2137.30
  • Maryville Glass and Lock $4115.00
  • Northwest Technical School $3000
  • Hillyards Chemical $1550
  • Falls City Mercantile $4156.20
  • Renaissance Learning $2040
  • Midwest Data $1661.60
  • First Student $1335.04
Personnel: Nancy Harrington was approved as a sub. 
Board Meeting Summary 10/20/22
The Fairfax R-III School Board met last night and provided action on the following items:
The Regular Board Meeting began at 6:35 pm.
All regular bills were approved for payment.
Upcoming meetings:
  • 11/17/22 5:30 CSIP work session and regular meeting immediately after. 
  • 12/15/22 5:30 Budget work session and regular meeting immediately after.
  • All meetings not specified as "Executive" are open to public attendance. 
Financial Report:
  • YTD Sept 2021 Expenses: $384,001
  • YTD Sept 2022 Expenses: $405,527 (+21,526)
  • YTD Sept 2021 Revenues: $224,389 
  • YTD Sept 2022 Revenues: $326,151 (+101,762)
  • 21-22 Sept Fund Balance: 1,289,945
  • 22-23 Sept Fund Balance: 1,387,487 (+97,542)
  • Did you know..? Our bills are approved every month. All bills under $1000 are included in the check registries shared with the board and approved during the approval of the consent agenda. Expenditures for non-emergency items are approved when bids are presented and then payment is approved when satisfactory services are rendered. The $1000.00 threshold exists for transparency to the board from administration and from the board to the community. It also allows the board time to contest a large bill that the district feels is attached to sub-par work or that is incorrect.
Superintendent's Report:
  • Facilities: Playground chip and seal asphalt, roof repairs, and gutters are finished. There is still a leak in the girl’s locker room. Next step is to excavate the area around the girls locker room to determine where the water is coming from.   
  • Food Service: Water heater is working perfectly.
  • Transportation: Our bus 6 should be back on site soon. Its age makes it difficult to find parts but MC Auto has come through by finding and replacing a leaking pressure hose. Next will be Bus 17 which also has a small leak.  
  • Teacher Spotlight: Marisa Hedlund presented how the district currently implements ICAPs (formerly four year plans) with our 8th grade students.  
CSIP Work:
The Board worked to add their input to the creation of a set of district values. Their input will be combined with other stakeholders, families, students and staff to create a final list. The items chosen by the board were: 
  • Safety-including a focus on mental health.
  • Accountability
  • Faith
  • Teamwork-including leadership, serving, and stewardship
  • Innovation and Longevity
If all goes as planned, we will have a draft CSIP to present to the board in November. Community input on our draft CSIP will be solicited prior to the first time the board reviews this document.
A final CSIP is due to DESE on 12/15/22.
New Business:
  • The 2023 Prom Venue was approved. Thanks to Trent Kingery for presenting to our board
  • Expenditures in excess of $1000 were approved for the following items:
    • FFA Convention Travel $1500.
    • Winsupply for our kitchen water heater booster $2900.
    • First Student for votec transportation $1580.
    • Approved Paving for chip and seal service on the playground $19,250.
    • Midwest Recreational for swing set materials $7446.
    • Payment to Craig McAdams LDS for mowing $2475.
  • Crystal Woodring was appointed as the board reviewer for Title IX. 
  • The board decided to modify Policy 3170 to limit the financial solicitation of Fairfax R-III families to school and community fundraisers. The revised policy is set for approval at the November regular meeting. All fundraisers and solicitations must currently be approved by the principal or superintendent. 
Executive Session:
A student issue was discussed.
The regular board meeting ended at 8:08.
Board Meeting Summary 9/15/22

All bills were approved for payment.
Fund Balance Sept 22: $1,488,838
  • Still no applicant for Maintenance.
  • Gutters around the main gym and music room are getting work this month. Work will begin 9/23.
  • Playground safety and deferred work was discussed.
  • Teacher Ice Machine-Grant
Food Service
  • Expenses: 21-22 $5895.90 / 22-23 $3682.34

  • Break pads were replaced on our Ford van during some general maintenance.
  • Another set of keys and an additional key fob were made for the Chevy van.
  • Doing BOY testing for reading. 
Teacher Spotlight:
  • Mrs Price presented how she introduces a new artist to her classes.
New Business:
  • New board policies and regulations have been approved: Policies 0320, 0412, 1210, 1725, 2550, 2670, 2876, 4130, 4150, 4630, 5205, 6118, 6119, 6190, 6191, 6215, 6251, 6273, and Regulations 2240, 2785, 2876, 4515, 5620, 6190, 6191, 6215, 6251. Policies are posted on our website by MCE and should be there for reference in the next few days.
  • Policy 4130-Certificated Staff Contracts. I have attached a document that might help break down the routes to teacher certification for us. Unfortunately, I do not have anything definitive on where the changes to 4130 would apply. By letter of the law, the testing exemption would only apply to candidates going through an alternative certification program. I consulted our DESE area supervisor for clarification and should receive a call back when DESE has a hard answer.
  • Our drug testing policy in our Athletic Handbook was approved.  Changes make refusing to test carry the same consequence as a positive test. Prior to the rewrite a refusal to test carried a 365 day ban on the first incident while a positive test carried a 30 day ban. Now refusals and positive tests are cumulative and move an individual through levels of violations and increasing consequences.
  • Payments to Falls City Mercantile, Josh Ohlensehlen, and ACES Sped. COOP were approved.
Old Business:
  • Covid Plan: New CDC recommendations were reviewed and no changes to our District Covid Plan were made. It is important that students stay home when they are sick.
The Fairfax R-3 School Board met on 8/18/22 at 6:30 in the school library for regular and executive sessions. Please see the highlights below. 
Next board meeting: 9/15/22
First Day of School: 8/24/22
All bills were approved for payment.
  • Fund Balance = $1,481,477
  • We are thankful to volunteers who have been helping with our exterior property.
  • All floors are finished.
  • Gutters on the gym are scheduled for work in September.
  • We are in the process of another storm claim for roofing on the band, library, and vocational building. 
  • Bus riders will be called 8/22/22 to inform them of pickup and dropoff times. 
Federal Programs:
  • Our Title program is sponsoring hotdogs, chips, and drinks for our back to school night.
  • All teachers should check in with the SPED teacher for their grade level to ensure they have reviewed IEP goals and accommodations.
New Business:
  • Tax Rate: Our tax levy was set at $4.7848.  At full collection rate, with increased assessed valuation, local tax revenue may be as much as $1,245,766.00. We budget a 95% collection rate as revenue in the budget which is $1,183,478.
  • Budget amendments were adopted to reflect the increase in local tax dollars.
  • The modified salary schedule was approved. This schedule reflects the impact of the Baseline Salary Grant.
  • Bus routes were adopted.
  • Payments to Froeschel Floors, for work in the elementary, were approved.
  • The bid from Porters Guttering was approved for work on the gutters around the gym.
  • A bid from Imagine Learning for Odesseyware was approved. 
Executive Session:
  • A student issue was discussed
  • The sub list was approved. 
The Fairfax R-3 School Board met on 7/21/22 at 6:30 in the school library for regular session. Please see the highlights below. 
Open hearing for tax rate: 8/18/22 at 6:30 pm in Fairfax School Library. Regular board meeting to follow. 
All bills were approved for payment.
  • Brad Dush, Methodist Minister, introduced himself to the board.
  • June year-to-date expenditures: $2,659,420
  • June year-to-date revenues: $2,676,717
  • Fund Balance: $1,449,567
  • Exterior lights: six exterior lights have been replaced by LED packs
  • Light poles: have been removed, clearing the drop off lane from obstruction
  • Floors: Elementary refinishing in non-asbestos classrooms is complete and HS is on schedule. New floors are set to be installed starting the last week of July with a completion date of August 5th. Gym floor will be refinished the last week of July. 
  • Bushes: by vocational building have been cut back.
  • Weeds: on playground and parking areas have been sprayed multiple times with Round-up and now Esplenade. 
  • Downspouts: Many downspouts have been repaired but we still have guttering to repair on the main gym and by the entrance to the band room.
  • Water in the gym: I have been in contact with Rob Liles regarding the next steps for our locker room leak. The ground has been regraded multiple times, the downspouts and guttering are working correctly, and there is still water coming in. Mr. Liles recommends excavation to examine the foundation.
  • Manhole cover: This was broken by snow removal and has been repaired in the last month.
New Business:
  • Baseline Salary Grant: An optional staff meeting to discuss this topic will take place on 7/26/22. This optional meeting is a follow-up to the discussion of this topic in June and July regular board meetings. The board's decision regarding participation in this grant will be shared on 7/26/22. 
        Meeting Details:
               Topic: Teacher Baseline Salary Grant
               Start time: 9:00 a.m.
               Optional for all staff. 
               Time Frame: One hour or less
               Location: Library
  • Payments were approved for the following:
               Gerken Environmental: Asbestos Removal
               ERATE Program, LLC: for ERATE facilitation
               Varsity Spirit: Cheer Uniforms
               HTK Architects: Final payment for services in the 21-22 school year
  • SPED Compliance Plan: the DESE model compliance plan for SPED was approved without modification.
  • Asphalt Bid: Approved Paving was approved for asphalt work on our playground.
  • Falls City Mercantile was approved as our food supplier for the 22-23 school year.
Old Business: 
No modifications were made to our Covid Safety Plan.
The Fairfax R-III School District Board of Education met on 6/14/22 at 6:30 p.m. in the school library. 
All bills were approved for payment.
The next regular meeting of the Board of Education will be 7/21/22 at 6:30 p.m.
Community participation: All members of the community are welcome to attend and address the board during the meeting. This is done during the time allocated to receiving visitors, petitions, communications and citizen's comments. Anyone wishing to address the board should contact Mrs. Karen Burke prior to the meeting. (660)686-2421
  • May Year to Date Expenses: $2,314,243
  • May Year to Date Revenues: $2,240,605
  • Fund Balance: $1,555,928
  • Mrs. Madison Hagey was approved as EA Wolves Head Volleyball Coach.
  • Mrs. Ashley Grossman was approved as EA Wolves Assistant Football Cheer Sponsor.
  • Mr. Kameron Schieffer was approved to coach the Fairfax Summer Weights Program. 
  • Asbestos removal is scheduled for the 5th to the 11th of July. The elementary will be sealed off and there will be no access to that area of the building during the removal. 
  • Our area next to the new gym has been regraded for drainage. 
  • We are slowly checking off maintenance tasks and refinishing floors. 
Food Service:
  • We are still collecting food supply bids in hopes of reviewing these during the July meeting
New Business:
  • 22-23 Budget: The 22-23 Proposed Budget was reviewed and approved. 
  • Salary Grant: Discussion took place regarding the Baseline Teacher Salary Grant. A recommendation regarding this grant is scheduled for the July regular session.
  • Fund 4 Transfer: The board approved a fund 4 transfer of $84,495.05.
  • PD Plan: the PD Plan for 22-23 was approved as presented. 
  • Custodial Supply Bid: The board approved Hillyards Chemical as our primary custodial materials supplier. 
  • NWEA Renewal: The board approved the renewal of the district's NWEA licensing. 
  • COOP Board Members: Mr. Jon Graves and Mr. Miles Smith were selected as EA Wolves COOP Board representatives. 
Previous summaries available upon request.